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AQUEEN jewellery is made for sophisticated women who love the beauty of nature.

Perfectly created AQUEEN combine's the time-honored traditions of hand-craftsmanship with cutting-edge equipment to achieve an unrivaled artistry. All AQUEEN jewellery is created in house, from design to polishing and diamond setting, to ensure our consistently high standards are met. Professional microscopes are used throughout the process for 45x magnification.

Diamond Selection

Only the most extraordinary diamonds are picked by AQUEEN experts, drawing on the stringent criteria of intensity, vibrancy and consistency. As the diamond-encrusted butterfly motif AQUEEN's inaugural jewellery line is handcrafted in four different measurements, the task of diamond selection is exceptionally meticulous. Diamonds are rigorously chosen to meet the dimensional requirements for a particular butterfly motif and since no two of them are alike, diamonds often differ dramatically in appearance. AQUEEN sorters spend countless hours examining diamond parcels in search of not only the perfect stones, but diamonds that match each other in size, weight, cut, clarity and brilliance.

Diamond Cutting and Polishing

The super cuts and dazzling appearance of AQUEEN diamonds are legendary, and due to the extra faceting, AQUEEN's princess-cut diamonds are more brilliant and lustrous. All the stones are polished carefully to ensure their surfaces and edges are as smooth as mirrors. the four pointed corners of each diamond are cut as a 45-degree angle, to match the shape and curves of the gold setting in which placed. For the Butterfly collections, the result is an elegant butterfly design with dazzling sparkles radiating from numerous small diamonds, brought together seamlessly as one.